Battle for ZaZuaZ
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  Battle for ZaZuaZ - Description  

The country ZaZuaZ is leaderless, as the former king died unexpectedly. There is no descendant, and so the succession is unclear.

Some of the lords smells their chance and try to get the throne through battle. Only the winner can appoint himself the new king. Long live the king!

Battle for ZaZuaZ - Game Scene


  • Size-selectable and randomly generated map
  • King system (like in chess) with strong fighting unit "Lord"
  • Resource management (simple but expandable)
  • Strategic unit recruitment / building construction
  • Singleplayer (currently only Survival Mode)
  • Multiplayer (currently only Hotseat)
  • Modding (in planning)

Hint: The Development was done with the opensource software "Godot Engine"

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