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  • Left Mouse Click = Select & Move & Button
  • Right Mouse Click = Undo Selection
  • Middle Mouse Click = Move Map
  • Scroll Wheel = Zoom

Game start / play:

The player who has last placed his starting field starts the game.

Game phases:

Each player goes through the following phases within his turn.

  • Beginning of the round (Collect resources & pay for units, adjust time marker)
  • Mainphase (Unit movement & attack / conquest, recruitment of units & construction of buildings)

Time marker:

The time markers are used to show the duration of effects, such as riots or construction time. In the "adjust time marker" phase, all time markers in your own fields are reduced by one level (eg 2 -> 1), if a time marker is already set to "1", it will be removed, which also ends the effect ( eg construction completed).

Unit wages:

Wages for units (see recruitment window: bag = gold per turn) need to be paid at the beginning of the round. If the newly received resources and the available resources are not covering the wages, random units are disbanded until the balance is achieved.


At the beginning of the round you receive resources for all controlled fields. Should time markers, eg due to a conquest (riots), still block a field, you receive for this field no resources.

Unit movement:

Each unit can move horizontally or vertically according to the remaining action points (Diagonal movements are not possible). Movements to blocked fields (eg mountains) are also not possible.



The attack starts automatically after moving to a field with enemy units.

Unit fight:

The attacker chooses a unit for the fight (the defenders are automatically sorted by highest defense value) and starts the attack with the intended attack value for this unit (max value). If the randomly determined value exceeds the defense value (plus eg bonus of buildings) of the defending unit, the attack was successful and the defending unit is destroyed. If the value was equal or lower, the defending unit survives and can make a counterattack.

Hint: The attacked field determines the combat values for all units of both parties. If there is a fortification in the field, this is considered fortified. (Example: A wooden tower is located on the attacked field = fortified field.)


The counterattack occurs immediately on the attacking unit, if the defender has survived. In this case, the defender performs an attack on the previous attacker. The process is identical to the unit combat except that there are no defense bonuses of buildings for the attacked unit.

End of the fight:

The combat can be carried out as long as there are action points of the attackers or until the defender / attacker has no more units in the combat pool. The attacker can also retreat the combat outside a current unit battle (at the expense of an action point for the retreat). If the attack has been successful (all defenders destroyed), all units involved in the attack (previously defined unit pool) will be moved to the attacked field.

Conquest of fields:

If all enemy units have been destroyed and the field is not already controlled by you, it can be captured. However, it should be noted that at least one field controlled by you has to border horizontally or vertically (diagonal is not considered). When conquesting a field it will be set to "riot" state and therefore does not provide resources for the time being. If the field is conquered by an army led by the lord, the riot will last only 1 round, otherwise 2 rounds. If the field was previously in a state of "riots", the value adds up accordingly. In addition, all buildings are destroyed during the conquest.

Recruitment of units:

Recruitment is only possible in the starting field or fields with necessary buildings. After the resources have been paid for the units (see recruitment window), they are placed directly on the corresponding field.

Construction of buildings:

If the necessary resources are available, the construction of the buildings can be started. According to the information from the construction window, the building and the time marker is placed in the field. Only one building can be built per field; if another building is ordered, the completion of the new building will destroy the previous one. The starting field is a exception, as there is already a massive castle it is not possible to build more buildings (Bonus = +2).

In addition, it is possible to shorten the construction time by one or more time markers (see construction window for costs). This can also lead to the immediate completion of the building.

Game Over:

Once your own prince has been defeated, the game is considered lost. In addition, it is possible to end the game by surrendering. In both cases, all units, owner markers, time markers and buildings of the player are removed and the fields are again considered neutral. The starting area remains in existence.

How to win:

The game is considered won when all other players have been defeated or eliminated by surrender.


This game was created by using Godot Engine (https://godotengine.org/license).

Copyright (c) by Thomas Riedmair (Game & all assets)
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